Dangers of cleaning up after a crime or suicide

Dangers of cleaning up a crime scene on your own:

A crime scene is a dangerous place to be. It involves getting rid of harmful and infectious materials from a site and restoring it to a secure and sanitary state. You take risk of beign infected by harmful pathogens like HIV, hepatitis, MRSA, and other diseases that can be transmitted by blood or body fluids to anyone who comes into contact with the scene. Therefore, cleaning up the blood and body fluids left at a crime scene should be done by trained professionals.

Why hire a crime scene cleanup service?

First, we always make sure that the aftermath cleanup of the scene is completed properly. We clean up where you can see and affected areas that you cannot see with the aid and use of equipments like blood sniffing dogs and special lighting devices that can help figure out where exposure has occurred. Many do it themselves and end up with critical odour issues because they cleanup what they can see and not what they can’t see.

Secondly, Blood exist in an hazardous nature and it`s the lifeline of countless types of bacteria, microscopic pathogens, viruses that can cause many dangers to home and to many that do blood clean up if not done adequately. Our trained crime scene cleanup professionals are able to safely perform the blood cleanup service with a full scientific process to fully remediate all possible blood borne pathogens and blood spots.

Also, you cannot just simply throw the aftermath of blood drenched towels, debris, and decomposed body tissue in the trash. You will need to dispose off this waste. In this particular area many legal instructions come into place. You need to be an authorized transporter of this material and it must be transported to licensed waste company in order to be destroyed. It is advisable to get the services of professional cleaners as they have the right mix of equipment & experience, needed for the task.

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